Five Warm Things To Survive Winter

Hey guys! So, I just moved from London to Berlin and let me tell you – it is a wonderful city but it is friggin’ COLD. Like, bitingly cold. And grey and wet. Not that different to England TBH! I wouldn’t lament the weather so much had I been ok with cold, but in truth I suffer it badly – and blame my Mediterranean and Asian roots for giving me perpetually weather-sensitive feet and hands which transform to actual icicles 99% of the time in Winter. My boyfriend, who lovingly functions as my personal radiator in bed (ILY!) calls me “Elsa” from Frozen as a joke.

Anyhow, what’s a hot-blooded girl to do? Certainly not hole herself up and hybernate under her triple-duvet-covered bed until Spring comes knocking! There are some clever tricks up my thick wool sleeves and warm-bearing tools in my arsenal – let’s call it “Winter Survival Kit” – that help me survive each winter without fail.Goes without saying that a FIREPLACE would be on top of this list if it were easily accessible and can be carried around and used anywhere, but it ain’t the case. Fellow cold-suffering, beach lovin’ creatures, this one goes out to you…

1. Uniqlo Heattech Tights and Scoop Neck Shirt: Ok, technically two things from the same range but God bless Uniqlo for their affordable basics that construct 70% of my wardrobe (and their free alteration service which is magical) – as well as their Heattech Range. I wear the Heattech tights under my jeans throughout all winter, as they do a good job at inconspicuously fending off the chills. As for the scoop neck shirt, it’s so lightweight and comfortable that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to my usual winter uniform of jeans and wool jumper. Seriously GOD SENT.

2. Heat Holders Socks: Double layering your socks will only take you so far down the heat spectrum. This my friends, is the REAL DEAL! Made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn it has comfortable cushioning that makes you feel like you’re walking on fluffy clouds. It isn’t wool but it feels like it. Which reminds me, I need to stock up again. Also, I have a question for you brave and stylish ankle-bearing ladies in winter who make those trainers and rolled-up jeans combo cooler than my jeans-in-boots stumps ever be… what’s your secret for avoiding hypothermia?! Please teach me your ways!

3. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm: I have make-up guru Lisa Elridge to thank for this discovery. It’s been my staple for lips since 2010 and for someone who can’t stand Vaseline, it has the perfect texture – it’s a waxy, odourless and tasteless balm that coats lips – but you wouldn’t even know it’s there so it’s very men-friendly. Does a wonderful job at fixing cracked and chapped pouts. Perfect to apply before bed and to share with your BF. My other favourite winter lip soother is the Twelve Hyaluroil Lip Treatment – but this one is definitely a “look at me” type gloss to show off in public, sans the gloop. I adore the whole botanical and natural range but for me this is one of the standout products: an oil packed with hyaluronic acid that comes in a cute roller form and keeps lips soft and hydrated.

4. Herbal Tea: I drink industrial quantities of it all year round, but Winter is when the necessity really strikes and I turn into a grandma. Yogi Tea is my absolute favourite – I like my tea and coffee strong, and their Ayurvedic blends deliver just that. BUT the best thing is that they come with a quote of wisdom from its awesome creator Yogi Bhajan (whom I also infinitely thank for bringing kundalini yoga to the west) that is like a spot-on daily mantra, without fail. The spicy choco tea tops the list. I am also evangelical about Pukka Tea – with “Detox” being my absolute favourite. Also love “Three Tulsi” when I need a real hit of greenness. BOOM. Both are ethical brands with awesome branding, so it’s good to know I’m buying into that. Prost!

5. YogaGlo: An instant way I like to warm up is on the yoga mat. I love a great, sweaty, community yoga class – but truth be told, the season is rife with dark and gloomy days when the thought of leaving my living room to face the cold is too much to bear. Or I might be in peak PMS mode (be afraid, be very afraid!). In those cases, I like to wind down in my own living room with online yoga classes at YogaGlo. Through it I can access all sorts of practices from hatha to vinyasa, and meditations – although I honestly only use it for Kia Miller’s kundalini classes which are absolutely fantastic. At £14.86 per month and with hundreds of classes to choose from, it’s awesome value for money. You can filter classes by mood, type, duration of class and teachers. SAT NAM!

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