Liz_Mirror-Selfie-lmrambleonHi! Welcome to LM Ramble On.

I started this lifestyle blog in 2016 as a place to write freely about some of the wonderful things that ignite my fire and inspire me, which range from music to pop-culture, travel and beauty.

You’ll find some of the content in English and Italian, as I am bilingual and wanted to share my thoughts with fellow Italians too. I grew up as an expat kid, moving across Asia, Europe and Africa, before settling down in London, UK. The “friends” which remained constant during my many relocations were books and magazines, which I devoured along the way and to which I formed an at-times unhealthy attachment. Writing was my way to make sense of it all – and it still is!

I simply love to create, curate and consume content. After obtaining a degree in journalism in London, I interned pretty much everywhere (Vogue, Elle, The Independent – you name it) and did some freelance writing, before moving from “editorial” to “marketing”. I then went on to develop social and communication strategies for consumer brands.

As you can imagine, blogging is my bread and butter and I spend a lot of time blogging on behalf of brands. So outside of work, I like to take clean breaks from the digital world and spend time away from the screen and with people I love, whether strolling food markets or trying out new restaurants, going to gigs, reading a book or practicing some yoga.

For this reason, I am a sporadic blogger and occasional rambler… I do not follow an editorial calendar, I just go with the flow and post what I feel like, when I want to. Having said that, I hope you will stop by from time to time for a little read 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Liz x

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LM Ramble On e’ un lifestyle blog nato nel 2016 che copre diverse materie sia di stile, che di sostanza, ovvero argomenti a cui le giovani donne di oggi possono relazionarsi. La maggior parte dei testi qui sono scritti sia in italiano che in inglese, dato che l’autrice è Italiana e vuole raggiungere anche il pubblico nella sua patria.

Infatti Liz Marchetti è cresciuta come un’ espatriata, spostandosi tra l’Asia, l’Europa e l’Africa, prima di accasarsi nell’est di Londra – dove molti la scambiano per Americana, per via del suo accento.

Dopo la sua laurea in giornalismo, ha scritto per vari titoli anglosassoni come METRO e The Independent, prima di gestire la comunicazione per vari marchi di moda e bellezza.

Appassionata di parole, Liz ama creare, curare e consumare contenuti ed è sempre in cerca di ispirazione. Se non è online o se non sta leggendo, la troverete a fare yoga, in cucina a cucinare, o ballando – rigorosamente di fronte alle casse. Le musica alta la rende felice.

Se vuoi metterti in contatto, manda una email a Liz a l’indirizzo